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  • Child Custody Contests When Your Ex-Spouse is an Alcoholic

    Alcoholism is a disease that can turn the most amicable person into a danger. Due to the unpredictability of alcohol use and abuse, family law courts are generally uncomfortable or unwilling to assign any amount of child custody rights – including both legal custody and physical custody – to a known alcoholic. Doing so could easily jeopardize the child’s best interests, which a court may never do ...
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  • Back to School: Getting Kids Into a Post-Divorce Routine

    So, your kids are gearing up to go back to school like always—but this time, you and your spouse are no longer together. That potentially means two new morning routines for your kids, two new commutes, and two different after-school routines. It’s always important to have a routine for your kids’ sake, but when it comes to their emotional health and academic success, keeping a smooth routine ...
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  • Relocating with Children in a Divorce

    Many people going through a divorce consider relocating for a variety of reasons, such as to get a fresh start or to get a better paying job. Regardless of the reason, divorces can be stressful, especially if children are involved. When deciding whether or not to relocate, do not let emotions influence your motives for moving. Many people will claim that your motives for moving are driven by anger ...
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  • How is Child Custody Decided in California?

    It is fairly common for both parents in a divorce to want to win sole or primary custody of their children. Clearly, the court cannot fulfill such a parental agreement, as one parent must have more parenting time than the other if they cannot agree on an equal joint custody decision. If the matter goes into the court’s hands, how will it come to its final decision? Children First, Always In ...
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