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Highway Safety Statistics in California: How Safe Are We?

Living in Southern California has its benefits, but there are serious concerns about the safety of drivers and their passengers, based upon the recent California highway safety statistics. In a recent year, there were 2,857 fatal car accidents in the State of California, 802 of which were caused by a drunk driver. It is impossible for a vehicle operator to know that they are sharing the road with an intoxicated driver, and in danger of injury or death. Drivers who live and work in Orange County also face daily problems with drivers that are aggressive, distracted, texting while driving, talking on cell phones, or violating the law in some way.

The California Highway Patrol reports that in a recent year, there were 2628 fatal collisions and 159,114 injury collisions in the state. The agency evaluates the data collected, and the statistics show that the causes of injury and fatal collisions are most frequently caused by:

  • Unsafe speed
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Improper turning
  • Auto right-of-way issues
  • Ignoring traffic signs or signals

If you or your loved one has been injured or died in an auto collision, you need to seek legal representation immediately. Insurance companies do not easily pay out fair compensation, and in fact, you will find yourself fighting a difficult battle. You could be convinced to settle for far less than you have a right to claim. At the Gill Law Group, we assist our client to seek justice and the maximum possible compensation. The first step is to have your case evaluated by our firm. This will cost you nothing, and give you the information you need about moving forward.

When you read the statistics for our state in car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian collisions, it is a shocking wake up call. You or your family should not become just another statistic. Let us help you seek justice and the compensation you deserve.

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