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Motorcycle Crash in Costa Mesa Costs 26-Year-Old Man His Life

Victorville resident, Isael Acevedo Villafana was pronounced dead this past Sunday, May 21, after his motorcycle crashed into a parked car in Costa Mesa. Villafana was riding his motorcycle on the 800 block of Joann Street in the early evening this past Sunday, when he struck a parked car. Authorities received a report of the crash, which took place in a residential neighborhood, and sent the police and fire department to the scene. Villafana was rushed to the Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he received medical attention.

Regrettably, Isael Acevedo Villafana was pronounced dead at 6:41 p.m., only 1 hour after the reported crash. Sargent Bryan Wadkins says the cause of the motorcycle crash is still under investigation.

There are many possible reasons a motorcycle may crash into a parked car. The most common reason, is that the person inside the parked car opened their door, and the motorcyclist collide with the door. Another possibility is the rider lost control of the motorcycle, causing it to crash into the car. A motorcyclist may lose control for any number of reasons, including slippery road conditions, a bike or part malfunction, the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driver inattention. In this particular incident, authorities have not yet reported any potential explanations.

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