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Caution Wet Floor signage

Can You Sue for No Wet Floor Sign?

Among all of the accidents that happen in commercial and retail spaces, slip and fall accidents on wet tile, wood, or enamel flooring are the most common. In a busy shopping environment, it is sometimes all too easy for workers to miss a spill or forget to put out a wet floor sign. But can you sue if you slipped and there was no wet floor sign? Yes, you can file a “no wet floor sign lawsuit” if that was the cause of your accident and you were injured. How your claim or lawsuit pans out will depend on the details surrounding your accident, though.

Are Wet Floor Signs By Law?

A good starting point for your no wet floor sign lawsuit is to determine if the business was violating the law by not having a wet floor sign out by a spill or puddle. Technically, the proprietor is not violating any criminal law if they don’t put a wet floor sign out, but they are violating liability law, which is what is used to determine fault in an accident claim or lawsuit. If a party is violating liability law, then their liability goes up, which will increase the amount of compensation owed to the claimant or plaintiff.

Property owners have a duty to warn guests of wet floors while the hazard is being addressed. The easiest way to warn people about a slip and fall hazard is to put wet floor signs around it. Unexpected hazards like spilled drinks on an aisle will be more difficult for the proprietor to spot, so there might not be a wet floor sign near it right away. But when a staff member mops the floor, a wet floor sign is a must.

Proper placement of wet floor signs in a retail or commercial space usually includes:

  • Placing wet floor signs before mopping begins.
  • Using three wet floor signs to create a triangle around the slippery area.
  • Putting a wet floor sign around any corners near the hazard to give advanced warning.
  • If an entire room is slippery, wet floor signs should be placed at all exits and entrances.

Can You Still Sue If There is a Wet Floor Sign?

The use of a wet floor sign does not give a property owner immunity to lawsuits or liability. It only helps reduce their liability in certain situations. You can still sue if there was a wet floor sign, but you still slipped, fell, and got injured.

For example, the wet floor signs used might not have been placed properly, as discussed previously. Or they might have been placed around a slippery area that you had to walk across, like the entrance or exit of a building. The details of every slip and fall case really do matter, so it is important to thoroughly document the scene with photographs and by talking with eyewitnesses.

To create a convincing slip and fall accident claim, it is recommended that you work with an attorney as soon as possible. The store owner is probably already working with their insurer to find ways to challenge your claim, such as saying that the wet floor signs were properly placed when, in reality, you know there were no wet floor signs at all.

Injured parties in Orange County can call on the slip and fall attorneys of Gill Law Group, PC. We are highly versed in liability law, and we know insurance company tactics often used to try to pay claimants less after a slip and fall accident caused by a lack of wet floor signs. Contact us today to get more information.