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Division of Property

How Can I Protect My Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce?

You have worked hard for your property, your belongings, and the money sitting in your bank account. Whether it’s the family home, vacation properties, a business, bank accounts, or retirement funds, the last thing you want is for your soon-to-be-ex to take more than their fair share. When it comes to high net worth divorce, there’s a lot more at…

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Quitclaim Deeds and Their Effect in Divorce Proceedings

Occasionally, one spouse asks another to quitclaim their interest from a property owned by both spouses. A quitclaim deed essentially terminates the interests of the person signing the quitclaim deed in a piece of property. In some cases, one spouse has better credit than the other and not having one of the spouses on the title can sometimes provide for…

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