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Visitation Rights For Parents In California

If you are the noncustodial parent, the court must also grant you visitation rights. The courts generally believe that the child will benefit from frequent and ongoing contact with both parents unless there is a compelling reason not to grant visitation to one parent. In some cases, grandparents can also seek access to their grandchildren through a court order and demonstrate that this contact is in the interests of the child.

At Gill Law Group, PC, we help parents and families find an effective and practical visitation agreement that works for all parties. We work closely to ensure that the agreement promotes the welfare and health of the child. Whether you are facing complex issues due to relocation or need to modify a current visitation, we can help you navigate the process. Our Orange County visitation attorneys always keep in mind your best interests and put our heart and soul into protecting your family’s well-being. Important notes regarding child visitation:

  • Visitation is not dependent on child support – a parent cannot withhold visitation if another parent does not pay support.
  • Grandparents are not given automatic visitation rights but can request visitation through the court.
  • When relocating with a child, you must notify the other parent and seek approval from the court.
  • If you need to modify any part of the visitation agreement, you must submit a revised agreement and get approval from the court.

Supervised Visitation

In some cases, the judge may order supervised visitation that requires the presence of a neutral third party. Supervised visitation is typically required in cases where there are allegations of abuse by parents, if a parent has a mental illness, or when the child is first being introduced to the parent.

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