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While the norm for divorces is inarguably a heated situation riddled with arguments and disagreements, there are instances where the divorcing spouses see virtually eye-to-eye on all major issues. When this occurs, it is known as an uncontested divorce, and it might be the right choice for you and your spouse if you allow our uncontested divorce lawyers from Gill Law Group, PC to guide you.

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Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

The less arguments you have with your spouse as you end your marriage, the better things will probably seem for everyone. You will hopefully go to bed each night as your divorce proceeds feeling that you are on the right track and doing the right thing for yourself.

On the other side of your divorce, the same sense of relief is likely influencing your soon-to-be ex-spouse as well, creative a positive atmosphere for everyone involved. Reduced stress for you are not the only benefits of an uncontested divorce, though.

Other benefits to an amicable and peaceful divorce include:

  • Expedited divorce process in most cases
  • Less expensive to complete (less fees paid to courts)
  • Children feel generally more content
  • Property division usually more fair

Potential Disadvantages of Uncontested Divorces

As strange as it might seem, not aspect of an uncontested divorce may be ideal for you. Agreements and handshakes are not always the right course of action. In particular, one problem that some divorcing couples will encounter while going through an uncontested divorce is misleading complacency.

Knowing that your spouse wants to keep things simple and agree on everything major may spur you on to simply signing the divorce paperwork without fully reviewing what it says. Oftentimes, even though it is unintentional, one party or another actually loses out on something important, such as child custody or alimony, due to the fear that questioning the agreements at all would cause undue trouble.

Standing Up for the Rights of Our Clients

Our Orange County uncontested divorce lawyers are highly experienced and offer compassionate counsel to all divorcing spouses who come to our law firm. We understand that an uncontested divorce may be beneficial in dozens of ways but stay aware of the potential downsides. By reviewing your claims, your shared estate, and the needs of your immediate family members, we hope to craft a solution that works for you and protects your best interests.

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