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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Private Judging

When parties can’t agree on the issues in their divorce, an effective method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is private judging. With approval from the court, a private judge can step in to issue a ruling on the parties’ issues. At Gill Law Group, PC, our Orange County family law attorneys have over 80 combined years of experience. They can help arrange private judging for your family law matter.

What Is A Private Judge?

When the issues in a divorce can’t be settled, parties often have to wait their turn before a case can go before a family court judge. Trial calendars are frequently full, and spouses may have to wait months before their case is heard. One alternative is private judging. The family law court that would have heard their case can appoint a private judge to preside over the case and issue a ruling. A private judge (also called a judge pro tempore) is usually a retired lawyer or judge with extensive litigation experience in California family law.

What Are The Advantages Of Private Judging?

A private judge can issue a decision on child custody and visitation matters and establish child support or alimony and spousal support. A judge can also issue a decision on property or debt division. Some of the advantages of private judging include:

  • Your case stays private and does not become part of a public record, which is especially good if you are navigating a high net worth divorce.
  • Your case is heard in a timely manner and gets resolved faster.
  • The process is less formal than a traditional courtroom, making it a lot less stressful.

Decisions issued by the private judge are binding and will go to the presiding judge for approval. However, if necessary, a ruling issued through private judging can be appealed to the family law court.

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