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What to Do If You Were Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Any car accident can lead to serious injuries or death, but this risk is amplified considerably when one of the parties involved is riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, because motorcyclists are relatively unprotected—even when they wear helmets and wear proper protective gear—they are the ones who most frequently sustain severe, catastrophic injuries or die as a result of collisions with larger vehicles.

At Gill Law Group, PC, we know that motorcycles can be an exciting alternative to traditional automobiles and provide a fast and convenient way to get around. But when a motorcycle accident happens, injured motorcyclists need reliable legal representation to help them get back on their feet. Our Orange County motorcycle accident attorney, Raja Gill, has extensive experience representing injured motorcyclists and the families of those wrongfully killed in devastating accidents. Raja Gill can guide you through your legal options and provide the caring, personalized representation you deserve.

Gill Law Group Motorcycle Attorneys Are Here For You!

Being a rider himself, Founding Attorney Raja Gill, is passionate about helping other local motorcyclists in need. The Gill Law Group actively supports our local community through local events and gatherings. We believe in being a resource for riders throughout Orange County & are the trusted source of representation when injured.

Do I Need to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Making the decision to hire an attorney is a big step and you should be certain that it's the best move for you and your case. Here are just a few of the reasons why hiring a motorcycle law group to represent you may be the best course of action:

  1. Motorcycle attorney, Raja Gill, can research the details and events surrounding your accident and build a strong case for you
  2. He can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf while you recover from your injuries
  3. Attorney Gill can help determine what a fair settlement would be when taking into account your injuries, medical bills, recovery time and more
  4. Our motorcycle accident lawyer can advocate on your behalf in court if the insurance company is unwilling to settle

In many situations the insurance company or the other driver will attempt to blame the biker for the accident. Raja is both a biker and a motorcycle accident attorney, making him able to represent your case from both an experienced and professional standpoint and fight to protect your rights on the road.

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or someone you love was involved in a motorcycle accident in Orange County, and you believe the crash was the result of someone else's negligent actions, reach out to Gill Law Group, PC right away. You deserve to collect damages for the suffering you have experienced. Reckless drivers put everyone at risk, especially those who are already more vulnerable, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians. Even worse, the battle isn't over when you seek the medical treatment you need and begin the path to healing.

Raja Gill is not only an experienced attorney but also an avid motorcycle rider himself.

Insurance companies will likely try to offer you far less than you deserve in the hopes of a quick, easy, and low settlement—don't be a victim twice. You deserve compensation for your medical expenses and other damages suffered throughout this ordeal, and with the Gill Group PC at your side, you’ll have the assistance of one of California’s top motorcycle accident law firms, and we are not afraid to fight for your rights.

Contact our firm today, so that we can take care of the legal matters while you focus on recovering from this devastating accident.

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