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Motorcyclists are at a heightened risk of extreme injury in a crash compared to the average motorist. As such, it makes sense for an injured motorcyclist to seek out a legal team with heightened abilities, like ours at Gill Law Group, PC. We have an extensive background in handling complex motorcycle accident cases and winning against difficult odds. Also, Attorney Raja Gill is an avid motorcyclist, so he knows what you’re going through. If you’ve been in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, then we’d like to see if we are the right fit to make the most of your case.

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What Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Brea Can Do for You

You might understandably be wondering if you really need to hire an attorney to help with your motorcycle accident claim. From a distance, it might seem like your case should be “open-and-close,” with the liability clearly being owed to the driver who hit you. But, once you get into the details of your case, you will see just how difficult things can be, especially if the driver denies doing anything wrong.

With Attorney Raja Gill on your side, you can depend on him to:

  • Investigate your motorcycle accident, look for evidence, and create a claim in your name.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement.
  • Litigate in court on your behalf if the insurance company will not offer a settlement that pays for your damages.

For so many people, the worst part of their injury claim is just dealing with insurance companies and legal jargon. Teaming up with our professional Brea motorcycle accident attorneys can save you uncounted headaches and frustrations by leaving all of the busy work up to them.

Damages Owed to Injured Motorcyclists

The damages that factor into your motorcycle accident can be as varied as they are steep. By the time everything is calculated, your case could be worth much more than you initially expected. This is yet another reason why hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in Brea is so important. Without their help and guidance, you could be leaving a huge sum of money unclaimed by settling your case for too low.

You could be owed money that helps pay for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Lost wages

Importantly, we can sue for past and future damages. Not only should you be paid for all that you have been through, but you should also be paid for everything that you will likely endure and incur in the years that follow. We can work with financial analysts and medical experts to get a clearer understanding of how much your life is going to change due to your injuries, and what associated costs will look like.

Ready to Begin Your Claim When You Are

Gill Law Group, PC and our Brea motorcycle lawyers are always standing by to help injured riders. With an avid motorcyclist on our staff – Attorney Raja Gill – we know how important it is to give 100% to every client who has been in a wreck while riding because it is likely that no insurance company is supporting them. You are not in your situation alone, not anymore. We are here to uplift your case and fight for every penny you deserve.

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