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Gray Divorce: When Middle-Aged Couples And Seniors Separate

Divorce after decades of marriage is becoming more common in older generations. Divorce is never easy, but there are unique factors to consider when divorcing later in life. At Gill Law Group, PC, our Orange County divorce attorneys have more than 80 combined years of experience. From our offices in Irvine, Brea and San Diego, our lawyers advise clients ages 50 and older who are facing late-life divorce after long-term marriage.

Reasons For Gray Divorce

In recent years, attitudes about divorce have been shifting. Divorce has become more socially acceptable than it once was. Divorce rates in middle-aged and older couples are on the rise. Here are some of the reasons couples are getting divorced after long-term marriages:

  • Empty nest syndrome: As children grow up and leave the family home, couples are realizing that they have grown apart and that they no longer have to stay together for the children.
  • Abuse: There is increased awareness regarding emotional abuse and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and some spouses are realizing that they’ve been in toxic relationships for years.
  • Addiction: Long-term struggles with a spouse with addictions can leave the other spouse frustrated.
  • Financial disagreements: Disagreements about finances and how to spend money in retirement can lead spouses to the realization that they have different values.
  • Infidelity: Sometimes, a lack of intimacy within the marriage can lead to a spouse looking elsewhere. Struggles with infidelity and trust are difficult to overcome.

The issues facing older couples aren’t any different now than they’ve always been. Regardless of what the reasons are that couples are divorcing, the social stigma regarding divorce has shifted, making divorce a more viable option than it used to be. Middle-aged and older couples are choosing to move forward and separate rather than sticking it out, as previous generations have done.

Unique Issues With Middle-Aged And Senior Divorce

When older couples divorce, spousal maintenance and alimony will likely be an issue to resolve. Reentering the workforce late in life is not as easy for an older person. If one spouse worked and the other stayed home, then spousal maintenance and alimony will likely be awarded. In addition, retirement funds will be divided evenly, which can be a difficult financial reality to face and may even result in retired spouses going back to work. Finally, if the couple’s home is paid off, then they will have to decide what to do with it. If one spouse stays in it, then that spouse will have to buy out the other.

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