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Navigating Divorce With Children

Without question, divorce is difficult for everyone involved. But, it is especially difficult for children. Our Orange County divorce lawyers at Gill Law Group, PC, with offices in Irvine, Brea and San Diego, are dedicated to providing client-focused representation that considers the best interests of everyone involved, especially our clients’ children.

The Impact Of Divorce On Children

When couples are struggling, navigating a separation or going through the process of a divorce, the children can very easily get caught in the middle. Generally, children of divorced parents are susceptible to mental health risks like anxiety, insomnia, depression and stress when parents are divorcing. They can also struggle with behavioral issues, landing them in trouble at school. In addition, children can encounter difficulties with friends during this time, heightening their feelings of being alone and misunderstood. However, when parents remember to put the best interests of their children first, these issues can resolve fairly quickly as children adapt and adjust to new schedules and routines. In addition, divorce can result in positive long-term outcomes. Children of divorce can develop healthy coping mechanisms, become more resilient and learn to bond with their parents in new ways.

What Is A Nesting Agreement? Can It Work In Divorce?

In a nesting scenario, the children stay in the family home and the parents take turns coming and going from the house. When not at the house, the off-duty parent may stay with family or friends. The couple sometimes share a small apartment for the off-duty parent to stay in while not on duty at the family home. There are several advantages to a nesting arrangement, including:

  • It puts the children first by allowing them to stay in the family home.
  • Children don’t have to pack up and move between households.
  • It allows both parents an opportunity to adjust to single parenting in their own home.
  • It provides a cost-effective solution, allowing exes to avoid the financial burdens of separate living spaces.

Couples who are contemplating divorce sometimes use a nesting arrangement during a separation while they are trying to decide their next steps. A nesting situation can be customized to suit the needs of the family and is a viable option for couples an uncontested divorces. Even so, our divorce attorneys strongly advise that any couple who is considering a nesting arrangement should negotiate the terms of their agreement and put them in writing. After all, a nesting agreement will only work if both parties are willing to cooperate and collaborate together, always keeping the best interests of the children at the forefront. If aggravating circumstances, like a narcissistic spouse, are involved, then a nesting agreement is probably destined for failure.

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