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Are You Divorcing A Narcissist?

Narcissists have always been part of our world, but the awareness of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) has increased. More and more spouses are identifying signs of narcissism in their spouses and coming to the realization that they are married to one. At Gill Law Group, PC, we have offices in Irvine, Brea and San Diego. If you are contemplating a divorce with a narcissist and need an Orange County divorce lawyer who has experience successfully dealing with narcissists, our attorneys have over 80 combined years of experience and know how to approach these cases.

Why Is It Difficult To Divorce Narcissists?

Divorcing a narcissist is never easy. In fact, a divorce involving a narcissist is often said to be one of the hardest types of divorces that a person could ever have to navigate. Why? Because a narcissist doesn’t like to be wrong, doesn’t like to lose and, even more, doesn’t like their fragile version of reality to be exposed as false. A divorce causes them to face all those aversions at the same time.

How To Prepare For Your Divorce With A Narcissist

There are several steps that you can take to help your divorce have the best possible chance for success. These include:

  • Get organized: If you are preparing a strategy for leaving your marriage, get copies of important documents before you execute any of your plans.
  • Get everything in writing: Narcissists are notorious for gaslighting. By communicating in writing, your spouse will not be able to twist the things you say.
  • Do not engage in drama, and avoid talking negatively about your spouse: A narcissistic spouse will likely try to bait you into confrontation whenever possible. Be careful not to engage, and avoid saying anything that could come back to cause you trouble later.
  • Be prepared to set boundaries: Most times, marriages involving a narcissist also involve long-term emotional abuse. It is difficult to set boundaries when you have been programmed for abuse. However, setting and maintaining boundaries in your divorce will help you protect your own interests and set the standard for any future dealings you have together, especially if you are navigating child custody issues and will be co-parenting together.

At Gill Law Group, PC, our lawyers understand narcissists. While our attorneys will always hope for the best and work toward a settlement, they will not assume or expect that a narcissist will cooperate with settlement negotiations. Therefore, our team will also thoroughly prepare for a contentious battle and a contested divorce.

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