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File a Burn Injury Lawsuit for Severe Burns Caused in an Accident

Burn injuries are among the most painful and life-threatening of all injuries. Many burn injuries are sustained through traffic accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses which are caused by the negligence of drivers and faulty vehicles or auto part components. Anyone sustaining serious burns will need intensive medical care which can last for weeks, months, or even years and may require multiple skin grafts or surgeries.

Getting the legal compensation you need in the wake of severe burns is imperative to ensure that your medical needs and other damages are thoroughly covered. The Gill Law Group, P.C. is dedicated to helping accident and injury victims obtain fair and just compensation through insurance claims and lawsuits. Our firm handles these types of claims on a routine basis; we are thoroughly familiar with how to deal with insurance companies in the aftermath of an injury.

Complications Associated With Serious Burn Injuries

Anyone who sustains severe burns may face life-threatening complications such as serious infections, dangerous drops in body temperature, leakage of fluid, edema, and injury to deeper tissues which may extend to muscle and bone. Those with the most serious burns are often taken to specialized burn centers for treatment. They often require multiple skin grafting treatments. In the worst cases, amputation or excising of the seriously burned limbs or areas may be required. Burn cases often result in serious scarring and disfigurement.

How Much is a Burn Case Worth?

Those who suffer burn injuries due to another's wrongdoing or negligence have the right to seek compensatory damages such as for medical expenses, lost wages or income, and non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, disfigurement, scarring, or disability. In such cases, you should not have to deal with an insurance company which may engage in tactics designed to lower your payment. Having a professional Orange County burn injury attorney who knows how to aggressively fight for what you are owed is recommended.

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Our firm deals with personal injury and wrongful death claims regularly, particularly those stemming from serious motorcycle accidents. We are adept at helping our clients secure the compensation they need and deserve for their future medical needs and financial security.

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