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Orange County Immigration Attorney

Aggressive and Effective Immigration Representation in Orange County

At Gill Law Group, we provide representation in all types of cases within immigration law. Our staff and attorneys understand the importance of your case and we are here to provide you with the very best service possible to accomplish your immigration goals. We believe in being of service to our clients and pride ourselves with being approachable, diligent and aggressive in our representation whether your matter involves USCIS, Immigration Court, BIA Appeals or federal courts.

Our services include all Family Based cases, Removal Defense, Business Visas, Investor Visas and other immigration cases. The legal professionals at our office are committed to providing immigrants with the assistance they need to accomplish their goals. Whether you need a visa petition for a foreign relative or you have been recently served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) by ICE, or you would like to acquire permanent residence by making an investment, our firm can provide answers to your questions, determine the course of action that would bring the best possible outcome and provide representation before USCIS or the courts.

Let our Orange County immigration attorney assist you. Attorney Raja Gill and his staff will work tirelessly to help you through the immigration process.

Business Immigration

Our Business Immigration areas of practice include H-1B visas for foreign specialty workers, and their dependents with the H-4 visa. If you are a local business seeking to bring abroad a foreign executive to your local US branch, we can assist you with an L-1 intra-company transfer as well as change of status from one non-immigrant visa category to another as needed by your organization.

A US employer may also sponsor a permanent foreign employee as long as the local recruitment standards are met according to the requirements set by the Department of Labor or the USCIS. Our office can assist you with meeting the PERM requirements and pursuing an Employment Based Petition for a foreign worker. We take a great degree of pride with giving every case the time and attention it deserves. We work closely with our client organizations and limit our clients to local businesses who are looking for attorneys who would provide guidance and representation at a closer level than the big guys. We take pride in our client focused approach that allows us to build and maintain long term relationships without turning our clients into a numeric file number.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and you would like to begin a business venture here in the United States, you may be able to take advantage of a treaty investor visa (E1 or E2) depending on your country of origin. You may also be eligible to gain permanent residence as an entrepreneurial investor under the EB-5 program by investing $1,000,000.00 or $500,000.00, depending on the type of investment and whether you are investing in an urban or rural area.

Family Immigration

We strive to be a one stop shop for our clients' immigration needs and serve across all areas of immigration law. Our family based cases include petitions for spouses, fiancé (K1) or their dependents (K2). Our services also include representation during the removal of conditional application for those present as conditional permanent residents. If you or your immediate relative is dealing with inadmissibility issues resulting from past criminal history or immigration violations such as visa overstay or unlawful entry, we may be able to seek a waiver of inadmissibility or pursue other relief as needed.

Deportation Defense

Many of us have heard the phrase, "bad things happen to good people." This adage is even more relevant to deportation cases than any other area of law. If you are a non-citizen of the United States, a minor violation of immigration laws, such as failing to attend classes on a student visa or being arrested for a drug related offense can put you in ICE custody. We have experience and knowledge needed to represent you before the immigration court (EOIR) and seek appropriate relief to avoid removal or deportation. If you are detained by ICE, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an immigration attorney as soon as possible. It is advisable to not accept any charges or allegations until you have spoken with an experienced deportation attorney.

Immigration Attorneys for Employers and Investors in Irvine

Irvine is often known as the Silicon Valley of Southern California. Irvine is home to many international employers who employ foreign specialty workers. Our firm provides a broad spectrum of immigration services to employers seeking global talent. Leading corporations utilize immigrant labor in many different forms including, bringing their foreign executives or managers to the US locations, or providing assistance with acquiring Visas for foreign clients or vendors who would like to visit their US based facilities for a short duration. Our firm can also assist you with sponsoring foreign investors to seek Visas to US to explore investments in your company and if they would like to invest in your organization, we can provide a seamless processing of their investor visa.

As a local firm based in the Irvine, our main office is located across the street from Orange County's John Wayne Airport. Our local presence allows us to work closely with our business immigration clients in Irvine. Our clients, whether an organization or family of an employee of a client organization, can count on skillful and experienced representation regardless of the nature of their immigration needs. Our Department of Labor compliance services benefit from our familiarity with Orange County and local presence in Irvine and surrounding areas because we are better able to guide our clients with respect to diligent compliance with recruitment and job posting requirements. Whether you are an investor, an employer or a foreign corporation seeking to establish a branch in Orange County, our firm can help you with your immigration needs.

Multi-Lingual Representation: Hindi & Punjabi Speaker

The professional representation and litigation of matters related to immigration law often require the knowledge of a lawyer whose skills extend beyond matters of the law. Given the nature of their work, attorneys who are communicating with foreign travelers and immigrants who are looking to establish residency in the U.S. must have a means of communicating with non-English speakers. At Gill Law Group, our firm's lead attorney is proficient in the Hindi and Punjabi languages, allowing his clients alternative ways to communicate with the legal professional whom they've selected for their representation.

In order to accommodate the language differentials of their clients, there are some lawyers who must rely on the translation skills of another professional company. At Gill Law Group, however, Hindi and Punjabi speakers will never have to rely on a professional other than their legal representative at the firm. Here, things don't get lost in communication through a third party, nor are they mis-translated, because your attorney will be speaking with you directly. The multi-lingual services that we offer at our office are intended to further promote the attorney-client relationship that we work so hard to foster.

Helping Foreign Nationals Accomplish Their Goals

At Gill Law Group, we offer skillful representation for those who are seeking to come to the U.S.. We know how to advise you, we understand the process, and we stand by our clients throughout the duration of their case. With a track record of success, Gill Law Group comes highly recommended by past clients and peers alike. Read through our client testimonials to see for yourself! Our Orange County immigration law firm offers a free case evaluation in most cases. The free consultation is not designed to provide free legal advice or assistance with self-help or self-representation. The free case evaluation allows the attorney to determine whether he can assist you through representation and what that would entail. Schedule an appointment today by calling (949) 681-9952 or visit our firm located at 2201 Dupont Drive, Suite 460 Irvine, California 92612.

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We are proud to serve the residents of Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Mission Viejo and the surrounding communities with all of their immigration and deportation defense needs.