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Getting Divorced In California: What Is The Divorce Process In Orange County?

If you are contemplating a divorce, it can be helpful to know what the divorce process looks like in California so that you know what to expect. At Gill Law Group, PC, our Orange County divorce attorneys limit their caseloads to make sure that they can provide our clients with customized one-on-one service for their family law matters.

How To Know If You Are Ready For Divorce

Reaching the decision to get divorced is not an easy one. A lot of people agonize and struggle back and forth over whether to get divorced. Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I feel like I have done everything within my power to try to fix the problems in my marriage?
  • Will getting a divorce solve the problems that I am facing?
  • Am I willing to face the challenges and responsibilities of life alone, especially as a single parent?

It also helps to ask yourself why you want a divorce and identify the specific reasons. In addition, thinking through and considering the consequences of your decision to divorce will also help you know if you are ready to take the next steps. If you are ready to face the consequences, then you are ready to get divorced.

What Is The Process For Divorce In California?

If you are in the early stages of separation and divorce, then there are probably a lot of questions spinning in your mind. It can be helpful to start by understanding the different stages of the court process so that you know what steps to take. These stages are as follows:

  1. Filing the petition for dissolution
  2. Serving your spouse
  3. Waiting for a response
  4. Working toward a settlement
  5. Obtaining the final judgment and decree

Before you can file for a divorce in California, you have to make sure that you meet the residency requirement and are eligible to file for divorce in the state. One spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months before filing. In addition, the filing spouse must have lived in the county for at least three months before filing in that county.

California’s Six-Month Rule

The state of California imposes a six-month waiting requirement for all divorces. You can file for a divorce whenever you would like, but the divorce cannot be finalized until the six-month mandatory waiting period has passed. If you are filing for an uncontested divorce, the six-month waiting period still applies.

Hiring A Lawyer To Represent You In Your Divorce

An experienced attorney can help make sure that your rights are protected when it comes to the complicated process of dividing assets and debts. A lawyer can advise you on your rights with respect to child custody, visitation and child support. An attorney can also counsel you on matters relating to alimony and spousal support. If your divorce is contentious or contested, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is the best way to protect your rights. Even if your situation with your spouse is amicable and the issues in your divorce are uncontested, an attorney can help you make sure that everything is completed correctly.

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