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Can You Get a Prenup After You’re Already Married?

Post-nuptial agreements are drawn up after a couple is married. Many couples often forget or do not have time to create a prenuptial agreement before a marriage and instead opt for a post-nuptial agreement. The two are virtually identical and can cover many of the same topics. It is never too late create post-marital agreement, whether you are a newlywed or more than a decade into your marriage. A post-nup can protect your financial interests and help resolve differences in your marriage.

Topics that can be addressed in a post-nuptial agreement:

  • What properties or assets are held individually or jointly
  • Who is responsible for each debt
  • How earnings are allocated and spent by each party
  • The roles and duties of each spouse
  • How businesses should be divided in divorce
  • What happens to children from previous marriages
  • Marital goals and priorities
  • Life insurance benefits

At Gill Law Group, we can help our clients create comprehensive post-nuptial agreements that can protect their financial interests. We navigate the various topics, discussions, and resolve any disputes with you. Our goal is to produce a sound and legally binding postnuptial agreement that minimizes risks to you.

Enforcing Post-Nups

Post-nuptial agreements are enforced by the courts, as long as the terms are valid. To increase the enforceability of your agreement, each spouse should be represented by separate lawyers and should fully disclose all assets and income during the discussions. The agreement should also be in writing and avoid including unfair stipulations or anything illegal.

Do I Need a Post-Nuptial Agreement?

Post-Nuptial agreements can offer more than just financial security and peace of mind. They can be used to resolve disagreements that can break a marriage. Some couples tend to argue over money while others may fight about each spouse's role. You can include all issues that are important to you as a couple. In fact, having a post-nuptial agreement may even save a marriage that would have otherwise taken a turn for the worse.

If you would like to speak with an attorney about your post-nuptial agreement, call Gill Law Group at (949) 681-9952.

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