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Father with custody of childWhile our society has taken strides in the last few decades to advance civil rights and eliminate discrimination, it clearly still exists in numerous facets of our day-to-day lives. For fathers going through a divorce, it can manifest as divorce courts challenge and overlook their rights based on nothing but an assumption that paternal instincts are weaker than maternal ones. If you are a father in the midst of a divorce, it is important that you retain the services of our Orange County fathers’ rights lawyers as soon as possible. With us on your side, you can be confident that the divorce process will continue without casting you in an unfair and negative light for being a man.

Reasons Why Fathers Are Important

More and more studies are showing the important role that a father plays in his child’s development. Children who have an active father in their life are less likely to:

  • Be impoverished
  • Be incarcerated
  • Abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Drop out of school

The team of Orange County fathers' rights attorneys at the Gill Law Group, PC understand the importance of fathers. We’re ready to fight for your right to be a part of your child’s life.

Fathers' Rights Being Violated

Going into divorce court and assuming that everything will be viewed equally can prove disastrous. Even when a prenuptial agreement exists and mandates that property division and child custody rights be divided 50-50, a judge cannot truly express completely equal judgments. More often than not, this unbalance manifests against a fathers’ favor, stripping him of his rights in subtle or obvious ways.

Fathers’ rights could be violated by:

  • A judge assigning more custody time to the mother without reason.
  • Steep spousal support payments being assigned to the father.
  • More marital property being granted to the mother.
  • Preventing the father from visiting his children frequently.

An Antiquated Notion in a Modern World

In years gone by, men were viewed in a negative stereotype as being uncaring and distant from their spouses and children. Stories and movies often depicted the single mother having to raise a child alone after her husband abandoned them, or tales were woven about the abusive father that cared not for his family. In today’s society, such hurtful and one-sided characters are not welcome and fathers deserve to be judged for who they are, not who some people think they can be.

With recent developments in same-sex marriage laws across the country, the idea of denying a fathers’ right based on his sex alone becomes even more insubstantial. Who has maternal instincts in a relationship of two men, or two women? Who should the court view as the father in such a situation? The answer is that both spouses must be viewed as a parent, not a father or a mother in particular.

Want to learn more about your rights as a father? Contact our Orange County fathers' rights lawyers today.

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