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Also referred to as T-bone crashes, side-impact collisions are reportedly the second-most dangerous type of car accident that can occur, second only to head-on collisions. If your vehicle was struck from the side by another driver, and you believe the other driver was being negligent, they could be legally responsible for your injuries. This means that you can file a car accident claim against the other driver’s insurance company to obtain compensation for your damages, such as your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

As your Orange County side-impact collision lawyer, Attorney Raja Gill is ready to put his extensive legal experience on your side. At Gill Law Group, PC, our clients come first, and we won’t hesitate to aggressively fight for what they deserve.

Proving Liability in Your Car Accident Claim

Side-impact collisions can occur for a number of different reasons, but in every scenario, the outcome can be catastrophic.

The leading causes for side-impact collisions include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Distractions while driving
  • Speeding
  • Inexperience and negligence
  • Aggressive driving
  • Fatigued driving

Determining the cause of your accident is important because your accident claim must show that your injuries were caused by the other driver’s negligence or wrongful conduct. Evidence—such as police reports, photographs, and witness accounts—can greatly bolster the strength of your claim and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

What If I Was Partly at Fault for the Accident?

If an insurance company or jury decides that you were partially at fault for the accident, this does not bar you from recovering compensation. However, it will affect the total amount of compensation you can receive.

Under California’s pure comparative negligence rule, you can still file a claim and recover compensation when you played a role in the accident that caused your injury, regardless of whether you were 1% at fault or 99% to blame. But, your total recovery will be reduced by your at-fault percentage, so you will not be able to recover as much compensation as you would have otherwise received if you were not to blame at all for the accident.

For example, if you rolled through a stop sign and were T-boned by someone who was speeding, texting, and failed to stop at all, the jury might decide you were 20% at fault since you did not come to a full and complete stop. If you sustained $10,000 in damages due to the side-impact crash, you will only be able to recover up to 80% of that amount, or $8,000.

Put a Trusted Legal Team on Your Side

Insurance companies can be ruthless when it comes to establishing responsibility for an accident. You cannot afford to go without legal representation and possibly risk losing your right to compensation. With our firm on your side, you can have confidence in the outcome of your claim.

Here at Gill Law Group, PC, we believe that there is no excuse for negligent driving, and we can go on a relentless pursuit of justice for you and your family. Our firm has been trusted by Orange County residents for years, simply because we have what it takes to achieve results.

Speak with a car accident lawyer at our Orange County office today during a complimentary case evaluation. Call us now at (949) 681-9952.

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