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Dogs are mankind’s best friend when they are tame. If they are not restrained or not properly raised, however, they can quickly become aggressive and dangerous. Virtually any breed can pose a threat to innocent people when a negligent owner fails to control their animal.

If you have been bitten by someone’s dog, there are legal courses of action available to you. Contact an Orange County dog bite lawyer from Gill Law Group, PC today to start learning how you can pursue a fair settlement for your needless suffering.

High Recovery Costs Could Cripple Your Finances

Depending on the severity of the attack or the aggression of the animal, a dog bite injury can be absolutely debilitating. The elderly or the young are particularly at risk and may find themselves hospitalized after an attack. If you do not take legal action, you might be paying for recovery costs out-of-pocket.

Our team can help you win a beneficial settlement that could pay for your:

  • Emergency care
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Wages missed as you recover

Success in Your Case Rests on Proving the Owner’s Liability

In many dog bite cases, the attack occurs on the dog owner’s property, leading to a premises liability issue. California is not a “one bite” state, meaning that no attacks are excused, no matter how calm and tranquil the animal might have been in the past. Under these laws, only a few circumstances will excuse the owner of partial responsibility, if not total.

When you have been bitten by a dog, you might have to prove that you were not:

  • Provoking the animal
  • Posing a threat of violence or injury
  • Trespassing
  • Aware the animal was dangerous

In cases where the owner of the dog is unclear, someone may still be held accountable. For example, if you were attacked in front of a store front where a stray was loitering, the property owner or the manager may be found negligent for not calling animal control.

Contact an Dog Bite Lawyer in Orange County for Help!

With a true dedication to the well-being of our clients, our Southern California personal injury attorneys at Gill Law Group, PC could be the right choice for your dog bite case. We have years of experience handling the most delicate of incidents and are fronted by a “Superb” Avvo Rated lead attorney to help you file your claim.

To make the entire process ever more painless to you, we offer free case evaluations and work on contingency fees – you will not owe us a cent until we win you a settlement! Contact us today – you have nothing to lose.

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