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Truck Accidents: Overweight & Improper Loading

How an Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

The root causes of truck accidents can almost always be traced back to human error. One of the biggest mistakes a truck driver can make is improperly loading the truck or adding overweight cargo that the truck cannot safely support. When this happens the truck is at a much higher risk of losing control or tipping over.

If your accident involved an out of control truck or a truck rollover, then chances are it could have been improperly loaded or carrying overweight cargo. Here at Gill Law Group, PC we handle a wide range of truck accident claims and we have seen the devastating effects that they can have on a family.

Truck accidents, more than any other type of motor vehicle accident, can lead to catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Be sure to take legal action before it is too late. Our injury lawyers are standing by to help you establish fault and prove liability so that you are fully compensated for any damages. Call us now at (949) 681-9952 to schedule your free and confidential injury case evaluation.

Improperly Loading the Truck

What many people may not know is that how cargo and freight are loaded onto a truck is very important. If done incorrectly there could be catastrophic consequences that could put both the driver and nearby vehicles in danger. Here are just a few ways that improperly loaded cargo can increase the chances of getting into an accident:

  • When the cargo is too light it could shift within the truck which could cause it to tip over
  • The truck will be imbalanced creating a danger or rollover when going around curves
  • There is a higher risk that the driver will lose control of the truck
  • Freight or cargo could come to loose and fall off of the truck and onto the road which is a serious hazard to other vehicles
  • Sometimes tarps break or the tie-downs come lose allowing the freight to move or fall out

The Consequences of Overweight Cargo

There are strict regulations for weight limits when it comes to truck cargo and when those are violated and it leads to an accident, then it could mean that you have grounds to sue and obtain compensation to cover your medical expenses.

The major issues with overweight trucks are as follows:

  • The extra weight can affect the necessary break time for the commercial vehicle. This means that if overweight cargo the driver will have a longer braking distance to give them enough time to stop before hitting the vehicle in front of them.
  • They are at higher risk or tipping over around sharp turns.
  • These trucks tend to go slower on upgrades and going fast on downgrades which could cause the brakes to fail in a time of crisis.

Litigation for Truck Accident Cases in Orange County

Truck accident claims typically lead to litigation, which is why it is definitely in your best interests to obtain an assertive truck accident attorney to stand up for your rights. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an 18-wheeler accident or other type of truck accident, then we are here to help.

Gill Law Group, P.C. is proud to offer free injury consultations, so be sure to reach out to us immediately following your accident. Call now!

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