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In Orange County, the roads are shared between bicycles, cars, trucks, and motorcycles, making it very crowded and hard to maneuver around. This can be especially dangerous for bicycle riders because they have the least amount of protection from the surrounding elements. Bicyclists are not surrounded by protective metal and barriers, which means that they are the first to sustain injuries in the event of a collision.

Even though California has bicycle lanes and clear traffic laws giving bicyclists the right of way in most cases, there are still many drivers who act negligently and carelessly around bicyclists.

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident in Orange County? There are hundreds of people that are injured or killed in bicycle accidents every year in California. Not to mention, there are at least 500,000 cyclists brought in for treatment for injuries sustained in an accident. Here at Gill Law Group, PC, we make it our mission to protect the rights of bicycle riders who are injured by negligent drivers. Let us help you hold them accountable so that you are not stuck paying the damages.

$115,000 SETTLEMENT – Following injuries suffered in a bicycle-vs.-bicycle accident; DISCLAIMER: Past results are not indicative of future results. All cases are unique and can have different outcomes.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a bicycle accident in Orange County, contact Gill Law Group, PC for a free personal injury consultation. We will gladly review your case and inform you of your rights in the given situation.

Common Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents

Since there is very little protection on a bicycle in comparison with a motor vehicle, the chances of sustaining catastrophic or fatal injuries are much higher. It is not uncommon for cyclists to suffer long-term injuries or permanent disability as a result of a bicycle accident.

Some of the most common injuries that we have seen in cases like these include:

If you have sustained any of the above injuries—or any other serious injuries—be sure to speak with an Orange County bicycle accident lawyer from our firm without delay. We can help you seek full and fair compensation for any financial and non-economic damages. Our firm doesn't settle for less than you deserve, and we don't want you to suffer financial hardship later down the road. That is why we go after present and future medical bills, hospitalization costs, and lost wages.

Do Cyclists Always Have the Right of Way?

Although bicycles are smaller than cars, making cyclists more vulnerable than motorists, this does not mean that cyclists always have the right of way when sharing the road. Certainly, motorists are required to obey the law and do everything possible to avoid an accident, but cyclists are also beholden to certain laws and rules of the road.

Here are some important California bicycle laws you should know:

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is required by law to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle
  • No one may operate a bicycle while intoxicated; the BAC limit for those 21 and over is 0.08%
  • Cyclists can use the full lane; they must follow the same direction as traffic and utilize appropriate hand signals
  • Cyclists are required to ride to the right except when the bike lane is on the left-hand side of a one-way street
  • Cyclists who ride at night should use a front lamp with a visible range of 300 or more feet and rear red reflectors that are visible from at least 500 feet
  • Cyclists who ride on the sidewalk must ride at a “walking pace” and cannot ride with a “willful disregard for safety”

Unfortunately, even when cyclists follow all laws and rules of the road, they cannot control the actions of others. If you were hit by a negligent motorist, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your damages.

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