Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Divorce and the Holidays: When to File and How to Cope

    While the holiday season is typically a time of joy and family gatherings, this time of year can prove to be especially stressful if divorce is imminent. In addition to the emotional toll of separation and the triggering of various memories, several different questions can present themselves during this time. Should you file for divorce before or after the holidays, and what can you do to cope ...
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  • Can My Spouse Make Me Pay for Their Divorce Attorney Fees?

    Find a divorce lawyer willing to give you the very best price for their services and you still might be looking at a considerable receipt at the end of it all, especially if the divorce was contested or complicated due to a high net worth . In family situations where one spouse makes the majority or all of the household income, this can become a real problem for the other. With bills stacking up ...
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  • Top 3 Most Dangerous Roads in Orange County

    Car, truck , bicycle , pedestrian , and motorcycle accidents are a primary public safety issue in Orange County. In 2013, collisions resulted in the death or injury of 14,839 people in Orange County. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, speeding was the related cause of 2,499 of those collisions, a total of 1,225 of those incidents occurred between 9pm and 2:29 am, alcohol was ...
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