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  • Divorce or Separation: Which Is Best for Me?

    Nobody ever enters into their marriage with the expectation that it will one day come to an end. Unfortunately, as we all know, divorce is a very real possibility for many modern couples with roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce. If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, you may be wondering whether a divorce or a legal separation is right for you. But what exactly is the ...
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  • Who Gets the House & Car During Divorce?

    Aside from maybe child custody , property division is usually one of the most hotly contested issues couples face during divorce – specifically regarding who gets control of the family home and car. In the state of California, couples are given the freedom to decide this on their own. If the parties cannot agree, however, the property will be divided by the Superior Court within their divorce ...
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  • Can My Spouse Make Me Pay for Their Divorce Attorney Fees?

    Find a divorce lawyer willing to give you the very best price for their services and you still might be looking at a considerable receipt at the end of it all, especially if the divorce was contested or complicated due to a high net worth . In family situations where one spouse makes the majority or all of the household income, this can become a real problem for the other. With bills stacking up ...
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  • I Never Meant to Get Married - What Now?

    Did you inadvertently get married and are now regretting your decision? While we have all seen the common trope of characters in television shows getting married in Vegas while drunk, similar scenarios can actually happen in real life in which a person gets married without fully having the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. Whether it be a result of intoxication or force, ...
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