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Year: 2018

How Remarriage Affects Child Custody

Once a divorce has been finalized, it is quite common for one or both individuals to remarry either sooner or later down the road. But when a divorced parent decides to tie the knot once again, how does remarriage impact the child custody arraignment from a previous marriage? The answer: it depends on the circumstances of the new marriage. Unless…

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Child Custody and Keeping Your Kids

Child custody often doesn’t pan out so smoothly. Although parents do have the chance to work out an out-of-court agreement—usually with input from attorneys—contention can indelibly disrupt communication. As a result, it’s left up to the court to make a decision on behalf of the child’s best interests. Factors That Affect Child Custody In determining a child’s best interests, California…

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Enforcing Divorce Judgements: Making Your Ex-Spouse Comply with Orders

When a divorce court judge finalizes the terms of a divorce, everything written in the resulting divorce judgment needs to be respected by both ex-spouses and followed as closely to the letter as possible. Despite the power behind a divorce judgment or decree, it is still only a piece of paper. Dishonest or untrustworthy ex-spouses may decide to simply ignore…

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