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Year: 2019

What Is an Ex Parte Order and When Is It Used in Family Law?

Family law matters are notoriously time-consuming. Divorce, property division, and custody battles can take months or even years to complete, even with the skilled support of a qualified legal team. But what if you don’t have that time? What if you are dealing with an emergency, and your situation requires an action or resolution within a matter of days? Fortunately,…

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Do Nesting Agreements Work in a Divorce?

Divorce and separation of parents are tough on children. There is no perfect cure. The most crucial and obvious advice to separating couples is to minimize or eliminate all possible conflict in front of children. Whatever your issues with each other may be, your children do not need to hear you argue or fight. They should never be in the…

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Overcoming the Challenges of Divorce During the Holidays

For divorced couples or those considering filing, the holidays may be a particularly painful time of year. The contrast between their own situation and what they see in social media, movies, and commercials may be stark. With the holiday season comes the expectation of joyful gratitude, harmonious family get-togethers, quality time with loved ones, and opportunities to make lasting memories.…

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Can You Inspect Corporate Records Owned by Your Spouse in your Divorce?

Business owners and company executives tend to have access to highly sensitive documents and corporate records. Within those records, most anything could be contained, like financial statements, proprietary information, and clientele lists. Allowing that information to be seen by just anyone can be a serious problem, so steps are always taken to keep them locked up tight. However, a divorce…

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