Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • Relocating with Children in a Divorce

    Many people going through a divorce consider relocating for a variety of reasons, such as to get a fresh start or to get a better paying job. Regardless of the reason, divorces can be stressful, especially if children are involved. When deciding whether or not to relocate, do not let emotions influence your motives for moving. Many people will claim that your motives for moving are driven by anger ...
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  • How to Get a Restraining Order in California

    If you believe that your spouse or family member could become aggressive or violent, possibly due to a pending family law dispute , you might want to file for a temporary restraining order . If you have already been abused or victimized by some form of domestic violence , or if your children have been neglected by your spouse, you should call the authorities as soon as it is safe to do so. Never ...
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  • How Is Child Support Calculated in California?

    When in the middle of a divorce , it can be easy to focus just on the here and now while losing sight of long-run concerns, like child support . If you live in California and are dissolving your marriage, odds are high that the court expects the noncustodial parent to pay some amount each month to the custodial one. But how much are you going to be pay or receive? This is a hugely important ...
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  • Pedestrian Fatally Struck on Beach Blvd

    A Car Accident resulted in death of a 23-year-old pedestrian in Orange County according to the Orange County Register. The car accident occurred in the City of Stanton. The pedestrian was fatally struck on Beach Blvd. by a car traveling southbound. The O.C. Register reports that the pedestrian was not in a marked crosswalk when struck by the vehicle. It should be noted however, that the driver of ...
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  • How Does Adultery Affect Divorce?

    When going through the divorce process, it is important to know what you are entitled to before you begin settlement negotiations. If you have been cheated on by your spouse, you probably feel that you are entitled to as much as you would like. From a legal standpoint, however, the impact that adultery has on a divorce varies from state to state. In some states where there is still fault-based ...
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  • Yorba Linda Man Killed in an Accident on the 91 Freeway

    According to Press Enterprise, a Yorba Linda man was killed in an accident on the 91 freeway on October 3 rd . It was reported that the crash occurred in the early morning hours when the deceased driver’s vehicle veered across the freeway and collided with another vehicle. According to the PE article, the vehicle first hit a concrete divider and then another vehicle. The driver of the other ...
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  • How is Child Custody Decided in California?

    It is fairly common for both parents in a divorce to want to win sole or primary custody of their children. Clearly, the court cannot fulfill such a parental agreement, as one parent must have more parenting time than the other if they cannot agree on an equal joint custody decision. If the matter goes into the court’s hands, how will it come to its final decision? Children First, Always In ...
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