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Year: 2022

How Your Social Media Activity Can Impact Your Divorce

While going through a divorce, life can be very different from what you were used to. Many things you used to do when you were married may require additional thought when going through a divorce and ensuring that you are protected. Since social media is one of those things many of us can’t get enough of, it’s often one of…

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Are My California Divorce Records Private?

In the state of California, anyone who is interested can legally file a form to request a copy of the divorce decree. Due to divorce falling into a relatively large category of records known as “administrative records,” they are subject to public disclosure by the Judicial Council of California. Other documents in this category include marriage, birth, and death records.…

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Can A School Change Prompt A Custody Modification?

If you have recently made the decision to change your child’s school, you may be wondering if this will impact any custody orders that are currently in place. The answer to this question is a little complicated. In general, a change of schools can be considered a significant change of circumstances, which could lead to a custody modification. However, there…

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Can I Relocate Even If The Other Parent Objects?

When pursuing a new job or going back to school, parents who share custody may need to relocate for these new opportunities. If they wish to relocate with their child a distance more than 50 miles or a distance that would make it difficult for the other parent to fulfill their custody obligations, they may need to pursue the court-approved…

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How Do I Get An Emergency Protective Order?

If you feel unsafe around your spouse or another individual, you may need to seek an emergency protective order (EPO) to protect yourself and your children. Our domestic violence attorneys at Gill Law Group, PC share what you should know about seeking an emergency protective order. Seeking An EPO If you believe that you or your children are in harm’s…

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Why You May Need a Forensic Accountant

During your high asset divorce, you may need assistance to compile your financial documents and other statements regarding your assets. These documents can be highly important for your division of property. With proper investigation and care, you can be sure that you will achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce. Piecing Together Financial Information As you compile your financial…

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