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I Never Meant to Get Married - What Now?


Did you inadvertently get married and are now regretting your decision? While we have all seen the common trope of characters in television shows getting married in Vegas while drunk, similar scenarios can actually happen in real life in which a person gets married without fully having the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. Whether it be a result of intoxication or force, what happens if a person ties the knot without really meaning to do so?

In California, individuals who enter into a marriage while of “unsound mind” or who lack the ability to understand the nature of their marriage or domestic partnership can have their marriage declared invalid through an annulment. Unlike a divorce which is the legal ending of a marriage, and annulment makes it so a couple’s marriage never even happened in the eyes of the law.

What Is an “Unsound Mind?”

One or both spouses can be declared to have been of unsound mind if they are afflicted with some sort of condition, either permanent or temporary, that prevents them from understanding and appreciating the duties and nature of marriage. Examples of an unsound mind include severe alcohol or drug intoxication or mental disability.

A person must have been of unsound mind during the ceremony in order to be considered of unsound mind and eligible for annulment. Likewise, if a person was indeed intoxicated during the ceremony, but then proceeded to willingly cohabitate with their spouse after coming to their senses, their marriage will consequently be considered valid and ineligible for annulment.

If you have accidentally gotten married while in a state of intoxication or confusion, contact Gill Law Group, PC. Backed by years of legal experience and a dedication to preserving the rights of our clients, our knowledgeable Orange County family lawyers can guide you step-by-step through the process of pursuing and annulment and help you end your marriage as smoothly as possible.

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