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Relocating with Children in a Divorce


Many people going through a divorce consider relocating for a variety of reasons, such as to get a fresh start or to get a better paying job. Regardless of the reason, divorces can be stressful, especially if children are involved.

When deciding whether or not to relocate, do not let emotions influence your motives for moving. Many people will claim that your motives for moving are driven by anger and vengeance, so it is crucial that you make sure that relocating is what is best for both you and your children. Moving can be a positive change, but it can also cause some extra challenges. Whatever your reason is for moving, before you decide whether or not to relocate, it is important to consider the following.

Your Children’s Best Interests

The well-being of the children is the first and foremost concern of the court when ruling on issues of relocation. The court will not only look at the financial impact that the relocation would have, but it will also consider how the relocation will impact the children’s quality of life as a whole. The impact that relocation could have on the children’s education, health, and social life should all be considered when deciding whether or not to relocate.

Your Children’s Relationships with the Other Parent

Before you decide to relocate, it is also important to consider how the move might affect the children’s relationship with the other parent. You will want to come up with an arrangement that will allow both parties to maintain a positive relationship with the children. In your parenting plan, you might want to consider including longer summer and school vacation visits if you will not have the opportunity to see the children on a weekly basis. You will also want to consider how the children will travel from one location to the next and who will pay for the resulting travel expenses.

Any Legal Restrictions on Relocation

Another important consideration in your decision whether or not to move is any rules or regulations that might restrict you from relocating. Various states have different rules surrounding relocation in family law matters. If you already have a custody agreement, then it is imperative that you don’t violate any provisions that are in the custody agreement. To avoid any complications, it is best to have the consent and cooperation of both parties involved. A lawyer can also help guide you in negotiating and resolving any issues surrounding custody and relocating.

At Gill Law Group, PC, you will receive the individualized care and attention of an experienced Irvine divorce lawyer. Our mission is to help you make the best decisions for you and your children. If you are going through a divorce and seeking to relocate, then do not hesitate to contact Gill Law Group, PC to consult with a divorce attorney in Irvine today.