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How Your Social Media Activity Can Impact Your Divorce

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While going through a divorce, life can be very different from what you were used to. Many things you used to do when you were married may require additional thought when going through a divorce and ensuring that you are protected. Since social media is one of those things many of us can't get enough of, it's often one of the most significant changes that need to be made. Information and behaviors displayed online could hurt your divorce case, even if you never intended to do so. Some of the most common ways social media accounts can directly impact your divorce case may include the following:

Bad-Mouthing Your Spouse

When deciphering child custody rights in your case, bad-mouthing your spouse could have significant consequences. When a judge sees comments or posts where you are talking negatively about or threatening your spouse, they could quickly feel your attitude may negatively impact your child.

New Relationships

It's best to keep new relationships off the internet until your divorce is final. Your spouse could screenshot and argue that you are already introducing your child to new romantic partners.

Hidden Assets

Posting recent expensive purchases can be detrimental to your divorce. Most people with hidden access typically do a great job of keeping them confidential. However, for those who are more careless, keep pictures of recently expensive purchases off your social accounts.

Unfit Parenting

If your social media accounts show that you've been partying or staying out all night, a judge will likely feel that you aren't fit to have custody of your child. They may fear that they are placing the child in an unstable environment.

Protect Yourself

As much as we may love to update our social media feeds, it may be beneficial to take some time away and entirely focus on your divorce. Instead, spend time with your child or other loved ones who can help you through this difficult time.

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