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Should I Wait Until After The Holidays to File For Divorce?

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Choosing when to end your marriage for good can be difficult, especially when it involves children. Some may argue for this reason, it is better to wait until after the holidays to move forward, while others could disagree. We are here to tell you that either way, it will be a difficult time for you and your family, so the best thing you can do is educate yourself on the pros and cons of both options and make the decision that is best for you.

Advantages of Waiting Until After the Holidays

Protecting Your Child’s Holiday Experience – If you have children involved, waiting until after the holidays may be beneficial for your family. This is a time of joy and being with family, so a divorce may be hard on your child, especially when they are too young to understand.

Financial Benefits – Going through the motions of a divorce can be very pricey. Considering the financial drain a divorce during the holiday season could cause is important. Waiting until the holidays are over may be less of a burden on your finances.

Additional Support – If you wait until after the holidays to file for divorce, it could be beneficial to be around family members you trust to talk about your divorce plans. They will be able to be there for you emotionally while you prepare for the filing process.

Disadvantages of Divorcing During the Holiday Season

The Topic of Discussion – When going through a divorce during this time of year, your friends and family will likely ask you about the process and how you are feeling. When going through a divorce, talking about it all the time and it becoming the main focus at gatherings may cause unwarranted stress and heightened emotions.

Creating a False Hope – Although coming together during the holidays may feel good at the moment, it can often give the people involved a sense of false hope that everything is (and will be) okay, when in reality, it's more of a band-aid solution.

Extra Stress – Preparing for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can already be extremely stressful when figuring out travel plans and buying gifts. Divorcing your spouse during this time of the year may bring extra stress factors that you are unaware of. Waiting until the holidays are over may allow you more time to focus entirely on the process.

Contact an Attorney

Making the right decision for you and your loved ones can be challenging during this time, especially when so many emotions are involved. Ultimately the decision is yours, and you should always prioritize your wants and needs. This can be challenging with no directions, so working with an attorney may be very beneficial.

When going through this process, it is crucial that you have someone on your side who has experience with these situations and can guide you along every step of the way. Here at Gill Law Group, PC, we have a team of skilled attorneys who are available for Support and are dedicated to you and your case. Let us help you.

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