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Are My California Divorce Records Private?

Divorce records and magnifying glass

In the state of California, anyone who is interested can legally file a form to request a copy of the divorce decree. Due to divorce falling into a relatively large category of records known as “administrative records,” they are subject to public disclosure by the Judicial Council of California. Other documents in this category include marriage, birth, and death records. Information as such being so easily accessible can be concerning for many people, especially those who are religious. Luckily, there is no reason to panic just yet. There are options available that can help protect your divorce documents.

Types of Divorce Records

The Judicial Council of California classifies divorce documents into two separate groups, both of which can be obtained by the public.

  • Authorized copy of the divorce – This is a certified copy of your divorce records that can be used for any official purpose. The registrant, their child, spouse, sibling, domestic partner, parent, or legal guardian are the only private citizens who can get an authorized copy. Representatives of government agencies or law enforcement conducting official business may also be able to obtain a copy under specific circumstances.
  • An information copy of the divorce – This is the same as an authorized copy. However, the divorced parties cannot use it as a document to establish identity, and it is available to anyone interested.

How Can I Protect My Divorce Records?

Anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with their divorce records being a public record can go through the process of sealing their records. This can be very time consuming and require the help of an attorney, but it is the best option for seeking more privacy. Always contact an attorney before starting the process so that you can be well informed on the process and anything you may need to know before beginning.

We Can Help

Wanting your divorce records to be private is a normal feeling. Anyone interested in keeping their documents private should contact a lawyer right away. Our team here at Gill Law Group, PC, wants to help you get the privacy you deserve. We are dedicated to you and your case every step of the way.

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