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Month: June 2020

What Is Private Judging?

People often assume that their family law case will end up in a courtroom in front of a judge or jury, but that’s not always true. Alternative dispute resolution (also commonly called appropriate dispute resolution or ADR) can allow parties to settle their case outside of the courtroom. Using ADR to resolve your legal dispute has a multitude of benefits…

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What Not to Do During a Divorce

The divorce process is complicated, to say the least. Tensions are high and the future is uncertain, sometimes leading to impulsive and poor decisions. Given the challenges that come with divorce, it’s understandable for one to make a mistake. By being prepared beforehand with our list of what to avoid during a divorce, you’ll lessen the chance of making a…

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What to Expect from Your Emergency Custody Hearing

Child custody arrangements are often one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce process. Since most courts try and award joint custody during the divorce (as long as they believe both parents are fit to take care of any children), many parents exit their custody battle with an unsatisfactory custody arrangement. But what happens if you believe your child’s…

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Managing Finances After a Divorce

A divorce can be both emotionally and financially difficult. On top of that, you may be overwhelmed with the prospect of how to move forward with your new life. To help ensure that you are set up for financial success, our Orange County divorce attorneys are here to share our top tips for managing your money after a divorce. 1.…

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